Another Update

I know you should probably stop counting months after year one but Lyss is 32 months old lol. We are approaching 3 years old and she is such a big girl. I have been very proud of her developments. I had heard about the terrible twos but we are almost out of that age and there hasn’t been terrible anything.

As many of you know, I was nervous because her father is a full-time little but I think this actually somehow helped her development. She loves to play and talk, she is Mommy’s little helper around the house. She is my whole world.

As for Sarah, it’s the same as always. I gave up on pushing potty training. Sarah has been really helpful with Lyss though- they have an amazing relationship. The love to play together, they are almost inseparable.

The main cause for concern right now is still what happens in the future, when she grows older and is no longer into the baby activities that her and her father bond over.

I will say, going in public still is weird for me. You never get over the looks that people give you or the comments you overhear. I do love the fact that it doesn’t discourage Sarah- Sarah continues to be Lyss’ buddy and they always seem to have a great time. I think this is why Lyss has not had a public outburst yet which is something I am still not looking forward to.


“Dada big girl like me?”

So I have been getting emails about how many of you are wanting updates. I have generally tried to stay clear from putting my information in the public since Lyss is growing up. I don’t want her future friends to be able to look her up and find out something that she may potentially be embarrassed about. I mean, it is definitely not a secret but at the same time, I don’t want to cause her life to be more of a mess than she wants it to be.

I’m sure some of you have no idea what that means, but basically, Lyss’s dad is an adult baby girl. She is 24/7 both in public and at home. Right now, Lyss doesn’t really know different and she has a great bond with Dada.

Lyss is now almost 2 and a half years old and is basically potty trained, just needing to wear pullups at night. Sarah on the other hand, is still not there- although encouraging them to potty train together had gotten Sarah better results than my previous attempts.

The other day, Sarah used the potty and like we do any time either of them used the potty, we made a pretty big deal of it. That is when Lyss said, “Dada big girl like me?”

It was very cute and right now we have a great bond as a family- I’m just nervous if it will affect us as Lyss gets older.

What happens when she wants to have friends over? Slumber parties would be a mess. Or when we go to parent teacher conferences? What about the daddy daughter dances? What about when she wants her daddy to walk her down the aisle at her wedding?

Idk, just nervous. Don’t have an outlet to vent to, so here is this…

Well it happened…

So the last few months have been kind of hectic. Alyssa has been pretty needy and required a lot of attention, which is normal for children her age- so she has been Mommy’s little helper, which I love most of the time.During this time, I don’t even get to go to the bathroom alone; but I think by seeing this, it made Alyssa want to try to use the big girl potty!!

So I went out and bought her her very own plastic potty and today she used it!

Excited to start this transition with her- I cannot wait to get one of my diaper wearers into big girl undies.

Luckily, I have been apart of potty training twice, although I am hoping that this sticks better than Sarah’s- and maybe even encourage potty training for Sarah as well.

Another Update!

I know that I said I would be trying to post more but it is still kind of hectic around here. That’s the life of a Mom though, constantly on the move. So I was reading through some of the messages that I have gotten on here and other sites and decided that I would just answer a whole lot of questions that were asked:

  • How are the babies doing?
    • One of the more frequently asked questions. Alyssa is doing great- her check up went well and she is in the 40th percentile for height and weight, so about normal. The doc said everything was going well. She is super talkative and mobile now. Luckily we have extra bodies chasing her down at all times. She is appearing to be left handed which is interesting because her Daddy and I are both right handed (she is his, no doubt about it lol). She is trying to be super helpful around the house. She loves to color and loves playing games. Ash jokingly made a comment about because the Doc said she was developing faster than many kids, that she will be ready for potty-training soon, which will be interesting around her lol.
    • Sarah is also doing well. Really helpful with Alyssa, constantly playing and chasing her down. Alyssa loves her Daddy so that is awesome. It’s basically like having a full time babysitter as Sarah doesn’t have much responsibility around the house other than Alyssa. We have talked about whether or not Sarah would be potty training with Alyssa but still haven’t decided. If I had to guess, I would say it is probably not going to happen.
  • How am I doing?
    • I am pretty good. Tired but enjoying life. I am working from home and taking care of the house and babies which is another full-time job in itself. But life is good, can’t complain.
  • What are the pros/cons of having an ABDL significant other?
    • Pros: First, I am not actually sure if Sarah qualifies as ABDL, not entirely sure the rules but I don’t want to offend anybody. But like I said earlier, its like having a full time babysitter/play date for you baby. Some other non-trivial things, when you just want to have a lazy day, you can steal a pair of their footies lol. But it is definitely different and unique; however, I don’t see it as having pros/cons, it just is what it is.
    • Cons: If I had to say things were cons, the extra diaper changes aren’t the greatest. The judgement from people is a bit much and hard to deal with. Relating to the non-trivial stuff, I stopped by my Mom’s house to pick something up one day and she had guests over and I took my shoes off to go inside and realized I was wearing some of Sarah’s socks, which were My Little Pony, so that was embarrassing. I had grabbed them unknowingly and in a rush, but if that’s the worst thing that happens, I’m feeling good.
  • How do you deal with people who think your family is a disgrace?
    • Ignore the haters. Live your best life. Know what is best for you and your family and don’t let people’s ignorance influence that.
  • If I had the choice to make Sarah non-ABDL, would I?
    • Once again, not sure if that is the correct use but no. Sarah is happy, I am happy, and Alyssa is happy.
  • Where do I find the matching outfits for Sarah and Alyssa?
    • This question was asked a surprisingly amount of times. Some places have designs that match babies designs but most of the stuff is made from my Mom and my sister.
  • Where exactly do we live?
    • I don’t feel comfortable revealing that information but can tell you it is in Washington.
  • Do I take Sarah and Alyssa out in public together?
    • All the time. They enjoy it and personally I think they are cute. If they have the matching outfits, we have to show it off lol. But for real, it shouldn’t be a big deal so I never worry about it.
  • Do you ever consider going back to dressing?
    • No lol.
  • Do we ever “you-know-what?”
    • I mean we have a kid, so….
  • Do we have contact with people from Sarah’s old life?
    • Occasionally, usually people just checking in.
  • Do I have social media accounts where I post photos of our family?
    • We have a Facebook Account for family and friends only. I also have a Snapchat and take a plethora of photos but once again, only for family and friends.
  • Where do I get things for Sarah?
    • Like everyone else for everything now days: online. Or my Mom or sister sew things. We have a stash of so many different diapers with different designs. And Sarah is small enough, where if we see some cute clothes in the store, as long as they are the larger sizes in kids, they will fit.

Those were most of the questions. If I didn’t answer something that you need to know, go ahead and ask. It might take me another month to answer lol but I will try my best.

15 month Check-Up

I know I haven’t been on here a lot and don’t plan on being on here much in the future, but I just finished up scheduling Alyssa’s 15 month check-up and figured I could fill you guys in.

The kids are with Mom and Ash, so I am kind of bored; hence this post.

Alyssa is getting so big now, she is roaming all around the house. She is Mommy’s little helper and is very talkative. She still chews on a lot of stuff but is now playing with toys for their intended purpose. Her and Daddy play non-stop, their bond is amazing.

Sarah has been so good with Alyssa and part of why I think she is developing the way she is. They play non-stop. I think that Alyssa can connect with Sarah and tries to mimic everything he does.

I think the cutest part of this is that they have like matching everything. Mom, Ash, and I have all picked up sewing as a hobby and that has allowed us to make matching clothes for the kids. They have matching blankies and stuffies as well. Almost everything is the same except the size of the products. The only real differences are their carseats, as Alyssa’s is still rear-facing and Sarah uses a 6-point harness booster seat.

As Alyssa gets older, I wonder if she will convince Sarah to develop older tendencies. (Hopefully Potty Training!) Honestly, changing diapers isn’t the worst thing in the world, sometimes I think its cute but it would be nice to not have to do it sometimes.

WordPress Anniversary

So I know that I have not been posting at all! I was thinking about shutting down this account since I don’t ever get on here anymore; but I got a notification that it was my anniversary and thought it would be cool to do one more post. I cannot confirm that this is it, since I might pick it back up one day but I just do not have the time for this anymore.

My baby is 8 months old now, which is crazy!!! My other baby is 412 months old, which to many of you guys is crazier…

Anyways, I have dumped them both on to my sitter for the night and decided to focus on this.

“Sitter?” you ask.

This brings me to my first update: we moved back to Washington to be around family. So tonight (and many other nights, Ash is our sitter). She loves babying both of my babies and they love her, so it works out.

As for our old house, we ended up selling it to one of the local ABDL’s (I know right?!? There is a bunch of them all over… We were introduced to this family by Sarah’s friend that we met)

We did keep a lot of the toy’s to furnish our new nursery (which is for both Alyssa and Sarah). The house doesn’t look like it was designed specifically for an ABDL though (thankfully).

I am giving up on trying to go to college and instead am working from home- which is ideal given our situation.

Alyssa can now stand while holding on to something, which blows my mind. She is also scooting and crawling all over the place, which makes Mommy duties difficult, since she is mobile. Both babies still take two naps per day which is useful for my job purposes but the sleep schedule isn’t always aligned. Sarah has trouble staying awake without two naps, which is abnormal for a 412 month person but I attribute that to routine. Alyssa is a little chatter box although I do not understand most of it. Her and her daddy talk all the time, which is cute.

In public, we still get nasty looks and comments, which I don’t think will ever change but we are used to it. I am also spending hundreds of dollars per months on diapers which is annoying and something I won’t ever get used to. I have given up on trying to potty train Sarah but hopefully Alyssa will be easier 🙂

Bye for now,

Beth (The Mommy Wife)